​Larry Hack

“In late 2012 I decided that I wanted to go to Norway and wingsuit off the big cliffs after seeing videos from people like Jeb Corliss, Jokke Summer, Roberta Mancino, and Alexander Polli. My son and I went through the training together and it has changed my life. I have almost 400 jumps, 8 BASE jumps and several tracking and wingsuit jumps. Headed to Norway in June, 2015 for my 50th birthday.

markMark Dickerson started skydiving in 2012 after being introduced to it by his soon-to-be wife, Alexandra Neale. He surpassed her jump number in his first two months and has amassed over 800 skydives in 2 years. During that time he supplemented his skydive training on multiple trips to the tunnels in Denver and Austin.

Skydiving became such an integral part of his life, he added to his already large tattoo collection with two more skydiving tattoos! Mark’s favorite jumps have been the two night jumps he did in order to receive his ‘D’ licence. He is excited to have the new Houston tunnel just 15 minutes from home and has been taking full advantage of it since it opened!

alexandraAlexandra Neale Born in the UK, Alex started skydiving in 2011 on a trip to Houston while she was living in Manhattan. After catching the bug she gained her A license and continued to jump every weekend at Skydive Crosskeys in New Jersey. After moving to Houston in 2012 (where she met soon-to-be husband Mark Dickerson) she now has over 500 skydives, a Texas State women’s ‘head-up’ record, set the first ‘head-up’ world record (general and women’s) and starred as ‘Miss October’ in the ‘Women of Infinity 2015/16 calendar! She first flew in a wind tunnel in the UK in Milton Keynes and since then, she and Mark have traveled multiple times to the Austin and Denver tunnels to fly.

Now the 1st of the two tunnels in Houston is open, she has been flying multiple times per week, honing her skills and progressing on all axis.


Matt Tinley

  • Geologist extraordinaire/Freeflyer
  • 1000+ Skydives
  • 20hrs Tunnel Time
  • Rig: Infinity/Velocity84/Op113/Cypres2
  • Suits: Liquidsky
  • Helmet: Rawa/Cookie
  • Alti: L&B

CARAROSIERCara Rosier began her skydiving career in March of 2011. She holds a C license 40656 under the United States Parachute Association. Cara has 250+ skydives and became a full time employee in skydiving in 2011. She managed a full service skydiving gear store at Skydive Spaceland in Houston, TX where a large part of her responsibility was to advise jumpers of all levels on gear safety and selection.

Cara has managed the video and photography department at Skydive Ogden since 2013 where she edits/produces video and still photographs of tandem skydives.Cara also has 10+ hours of logged tunnel time in wind tunnel training facilities across the United States. The majority of her tunnel time is logged at iFly Utah. She currently edits tandem videos and provides gear advice for Skydive Ogden in Utah. Cara is also a sponsored athlete with Velocity Sports Equipment.

charityCharity Dover Kelly began skydiving on her birthday in 2009. She now has over 1300 skydives. She is a USPA Coach and a Big SIS (Sisters in Skydiving). She spent 2 years as a freefall videographer at Skydive Dallas.  Charity likes to freefly, and to show the boys how to properly fly head-up. She was part of the first female head up world record.

Charity is the only female member of Dallas BASE Crew.  She has a little over 100 BASE jumps. In 2013, Charity broke her back while jumping the Eiger in Switzerland. She had surgery upon returning to the states. She made her first skydive back 29 days after having her spine fused. She returned to Europe the next year- better than ever.  In 2015, she will be traveling to Norway, Switzerland.